Welcome to the Brethren Theological College

Brethren Theological College is a Bible training institution that equips students for Bible teaching, evangelism, Church planting, counselling, and servant-leadership. The College is designed to prepare born-again and baptized men to work with local assemblies to further the Lord's work in India.

The students undergo a study of three years leading to a Bachelor's degree in Theology. The medium of instruction is English. We are located in the heart of Kerela, in Kallissery next to Highway #1. Its unique location makes this institution easily accessible, and acts as a living testimony to God's faithfulness among the local population. BTC is registered as a non-profit charitable trust.

News from Brethren Theological College

We are involved in an outreach program at Pandikuzhy (Kumily, Idukki District) with the cooperation of the Kumily Brethren Assembly. The Lord has enabled us to see 47 persons confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. These new believers are being taught the basic Bible doctrines. Our desire and prayer is that an assembly testimony can be established in the Lord's appointed time.

Another outreach ministry we are involved with is evangelism among the laborers working in various construction and service fields at Kallissery and nearby areas. It has been reported that there are several Lakhs of such workers scattered throughout Kerala, of whom several hundred live and work in our area. Our North Indian students would be very effective instruments to reach these people with the Gospel.